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From ordinary party band to international live-sensation

Everyone extatic! Not just an empty slogan, but a mission. A sacred goal. Tattooed on the soul of every band member.

Q5 goes to the max. That feeling when you wake up with a massive hangover and think: This was all more than worth it. Then the goal is achieved!

How it all began...

The band was founded in 2005, with only a month until the first official performance. An impossible task that showcases the band's immense drive and ambition. The tone was set.

From the third year onwards, Q5 performs over 150 shows per year across the Netherlands. The band quickly grows into one of the most successful party bands of the moment.

The secret?

Entertain like a band, but think like a DJ. In other words... maximum interaction and immediately responding to the audience without a fixed setlist. It proves to be a golden vision that captivates every audience.

And then, the itch started... the interaction of a band... and the flexibility of a DJ... 🤔


New style with maximum impact

Met dezelfde toewijding werkt de band een jaar lang aan een totaal nieuw concept. Een totaalbeleving met maximale impact!

The starting point:

  • Live sensation with DJ as part of the band.
  • Mega light and video show, inspired by famous international acts
  • Original repertoire with both band and DJ elements
  • High sing-a-long factor
  • Tempo and variety
  • Rock the place!

The innovative and unique show quickly attracts interest across borders. Q5 gains a foothold in the German MEGA tents. In addition, the band performs in Belgium, Switzerland, and Austria. Q5 also becomes popular with large (national and international) companies that want to treat their employees to a unique and spectacular live show.

Ultimate total experience

Since then, Q5 has continuously refined the concept. The goal? The ultimate total experience! An experience where you get lost in the moment, forget everything for a while, and everyone gets ecstatic!


Q5 band DJ
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This is how Q5 rocks every!

Q5 band DJ

Live band with DJ

Q5 visueel spektakel

Visual extravaganza

Q5 energie

Packed with power

These performers…

Meet the band


This powerhouse with envy-inducing curls is a striking presence on stage. She captivates you with her voice, performance, and infectious enthusiasm. With Janine, it's always a party, both on and off the stage. 


Fast raps, shredding guitar, and a deadly wink. This creative multitasker has it all. Wouter always goes all out and effortlessly takes every audience along in that flow. 


This German rock chick is one-of-a-kind. Silly doesn't just play the bass, she owns the whole room! Her celebrity lifestyle leaves many influencers in the dust.

DJ Def

Foppe, also known as DJ Def, is the band's secret weapon. Surrounded by buttons, he is completely in his element. Swift on his keys and pounding behind the 'wheels of steel', he gives Q5 that unique sound. 


His drumming is tighter than his bun, his performance rougher than his beard. Thomas behind the drum kit is like an octopus with 9 arms. Ready to rock every venue.

In case you didn't already know Q5...

A few facts about the band

  • They've been around for 'a while' and have played more than 1,500 shows since their inception
  • They've rocked many party tents and festivals, even drawing crowds of 15,000 people!
  • The band is in high demand in the Netherlands, but also well-known in German party tents and festivals. Think of events like Vierdaagsefeesten Koningsplein, Big Rivers Main Stage, Dutchweek (A), Karpaten (D), FrĂĽhtanz Tange (D), etc.
  • Renowned (inter)national companies have already rocked out to Q5. Think of companies such as ProRail, JBL, Honda, Jumbo, and many, many others
  • Q5 has already played at really cool venues such as AFAS Live, Tivoli Vredenburg, De Librije, Halle MĂĽnsterland (D), Gstaad Palace (CH), Concertgebouw Brugge (B), and more
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What others say about Q5

Your event completely ecstatic?

Q5 can't wait to rock your event!

  • Mega video show
  • A lot of light
  • Live band with DJ
  • Packed with power
  • Original repertoire
  • High sing-a-long factor
  • Knee-length confetti
  • An unforgettable night!

The entire show, as described above, can be booked starting from 6495 euros

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Frequently asked questions

Which set lengths are possible?

Q5 plays 3 x45 minutes, or 2 x 60 minutes.

At festivals or events with an extensive lineup, 1 x 60 or 1 x 75 is also possible.

Do you have other set lengths in mind? Just let it know, Q5 is flexible.

The band plays for a maximum of 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Can Q5 also perform with an LED wall that is already installed on site?


The Q5 video show is flexible. An existing LED wall in the background can be used instead of Q5's LED elements, or it can complement the show.

LED screens next to the stage can also synchronize with the video show.

Please make sure to coordinate beforehand.

Are there any special requirements that we need to consider?

To ensure the smooth execution of the show, a rider has been prepared. This includes details such as stage dimensions, access routes, setup times, etc.

Would you like to review the rider in advance? Download the Q5 rider here.

How many members are in Q5?

Q5 consists of 5 members and 3 technicians.

Can I book Q5 without a sound system?

Yes, that's possible!

How long does the setup take?

That depends on the situation and what needs to be set up.

If a quick change-over is important to you, it's useful to discuss beforehand. There are examples where Q5 is operational within 1 hour.

For a full show on a bare stage where Q5 sets up everything including sound system, the setup time is between 2 and 3 hours.

Where does Q5 come from?

The band members of Q5 live in Eastern Netherlands and Germany.

The crew departs from Winterswijk (NL).

Can I book an extra (party) DJ for during the Q5 breaks?

That is possible. Just let us know your preferences!

What kind of repertoire does Q5 play?

Geen 13 in een dozijn repertoire. En toch gaat iedereen uit z’n plaat!

"The repertoire of Q5 has a modern feel with a high party and sing-along factor, without resorting to clichés. So, with Q5, you won't hear Narcotic as a closer."

Q5's song selection is based on maximum interaction with the audience and consists of pop, dance, R&B, rock, party, and a healthy dose of guilty pleasures.

Does your DJ also play during the breaks?

No, but it's possible for an external DJ to plug in during Q5's breaks.

How much does Q5 cost?

Q5 can be booked starting from 6495 euros excluding VAT. 

This price includes video and lighting. 

The price can differ, depending on the distance, the country, the amount of special effects, etc.

Questions about the price? Feel free to send a message!

On the internet, Q5 is offered for less. How is that possible?

Q5 is offered by many different booking agencies. Not all of these agencies regularly update their prices. As a result, it may appear that you can book the band for less through them.

A lower price is therefore not accurate!

Q5 is exclusively affiliated with the booking agency Only Bands. Requests through the website are directed there. Direct booking via Only Bands has the advantage of having very short lines of communication with the band.

If you prefer to work with a different agency, it's possible to book Q5 through your trusted partner at no extra cost.

Book Q5 for a memorable spectacle that people will talk about for a long time

Q5 pulls out all the stops for the night of the year

Let the beer tap run, warm up your voice.


– It. Will. Be. Epic. –

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